Sunday, 24 February 2013

DT Project Self-Assessment Notes

A work in progress

Device Use:
-having a smartphone or camera in class is a BIG responsibility and a HUGE privilege. DON’T treat this lightly or abuse the privilege, it will be taken away!
-you will ONLY get permission (in writing, attached to the class clipboard) to have your devices with you at times when you ACTUALLY have DT. So for example if DT is in the morning, you CANNOT have your device with you in the afternoon. If you have gym the same part of the day as DT, we will need to make alternate arrangements to meet at your lockers before class to get your devices or to put them away at the end of class before going to gym.
-we will need to agree to some kind of class code of conduct regarding these devices and consequences for improper use

Procedures for Self-Reflection Documentation
-document your journey from start to finish using your smartphone or camera
-take a picture of each thing you consider a milestone – at minimum, take a picture of your progress once before the end of class
-ensure these pictures are taken SAFELY (ie. Make sure the machines are OFF and that you’re not a hazard to someone else who is working)
-NO people in the pictures! [for privacy/security] [though you may have yourself in the picture at the end with the finished product if you have parent permission]
-curate an online compilation of your pictures and narrate them in some way

Self-Reflection Content Expectations
In your reflection you must mention (either along the way or at the end):
-What tools did you use?
-What procedures did you do?
-Include dates
-Did you struggle at any point? Where? Why? How could you have done better?

-Curate as you go! Don’t wait till the end to put all the pictures together
-You may use any method you wish to curate your pictures (Facebook album, Instagram, haikudeck, prezi, flickr, etc) Perhaps you will teach me something new? Since this will be posted on the internet, hopefully you will get feedback from others besides myself!?



Includes comprehensive outline of tools dates, and procedures
Good outline of tools, dates and most procedures
Mentions some (but not all) tools, dates and procedures
Misses key tools, dates, or procedures.
Thoughtful, honest reflection
Reflective, but superficial
No reflection
Excellent, well planned photos, capture minor steps as well as major ones
Good photos, documents key steps, with some detail.
Photos include only the major steps, some photo flaws
Photos incomplete, missing major steps. Violates privacy expectation!
Curation has been shared and has received feedback. Is easy to transfer for school to share too!
Uses a curation method that encourages and promotes sharing
Curation hasn’t yet been shared
Curation discourages sharing

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